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We are sorry, but we cannot ship chestnut trees to California, Oregon, Washington state, Florida, Louisiana and Michigan. These states do not accept chestnut trees from out of state.


We take orders in 2 ways on our secure, easy-to-use Volusion Shopping Cart:

1. By credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card)

2. By check or money order. An invoice will be emailed to those who opt to make payment by check or money order. Payment should be sent to Route 9 Cooperative together with the invoice. Your order will not be processed until your check or money order is received.

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Seed chestnuts for planting are shipped in November and should be ordered Sept. or October. Bare-root nursery stock is shipped December - May. Container nursery stock is shipped September - April.

Shipping is included in the price of seeds nuts. Shipping is NOT included in the price of trees.

A specific shipping date may also be requested. If selecting a specific shipment date, allow 2-5 business days between the shipment and delivery date depending on your distance from NE Ohio.

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