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Whether you want just a few chestnut trees for your backyard or are planning to plant a commercial orchard we have what you need. We sell several types and sizes of chestnut seedlings and can assist you in choosing trees based on your particular goals-chestnuts for eating, for wildlife, for timber, etc.

Those who want to grow their own chestnut trees from scratch will find a selection of seed nuts in our online catalog--Chinese chestnut, timber hybrid, wildlife hybrid, and Allegheny chinkapin.

A visit to our on-line catalog will provide you with a description of each kind of chestnut tree. A click on "Help for Growers" will bring you to the section of our Web site that will advise you on selection, planting and care of chestnut trees, and harvesting chestnuts. Chestnut orchardists will find information on chestnut marketing on our "About Us" page.

Contact us at empirechestnut@gmail.com if you have any questions about chestnut trees, chestnut seed or your order.

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Contact Greg Miller at empirechestnut@gmail.com for questions relating to chestnut trees, chestnut seed and dried or fresh chestnuts.
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